Shipping and return policies for Outtakes

Shipping Info
We ship the LP in cardboard stock, hard recycled packaging to avoid damaged during transport - you can eventually ask for a signed delivery but it might cost a little more - ask us at if there is any kind of things you'll like to know (count about 7 days for CDs or 7inch or 10inch or 12" LPs, thanks)
Immediate download of the full-lenght album in the format of yr choice 320kbps MP3/FLAC all masterered professionally here and there (@ Grey Master Mastering, Montréal,québec,CAnada) & Dubplates + Mastering (Berlin,Germany)
Return Policy
We return item immediatly if dammaged by post (need to include a picture of the dammaged good) + send you the optional B edition w/ additional CD with live performance (2005) recorded on 16-tracks to Md on mobile unity & mixed afterwhile at abstract sound by mat - 5 tracks clocking at 60 minutes
Return will be in charge of ASr (abstract sound recording) if it aappear that the LP has been damaged by post (w/o inssurance that we provide) LP are 150 g audiophile quality and if the border exceeed 3cm (im metric) then it should eb shipped as parcel instead as international mail. We don t do surface mail as you have to expect for 3-6 mouths the package and it s not possible despite the price. If you have any questions, comments or whatever you'd like to ask before shipping send a mail (be sure that a respond will emmerge quick)
We also leave you a print you've got to fill if there is any problem, as well you can rate us on the beloved GEMM system (who is now gone too bad) for our seriousness, your convenience and our consideration for our customer worldwide, or best shop at local store in France, Belgium, The Netherland, the USA and Canada ask us a full list of supported local record store @ (if you cannot find we'll be happy to fullfil your order & don t worry money is returned if there is a problem and we ll send you a gift for apologies. Records are shipped from France only on Postal Rates fastnbecause the economy mail often go by Surface Mail which mean a delay of 6 mouth or more, when you can have it at yr doorstep adress in less then 2 weeks