Patience (2005)

by the Outtakes band

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comes as a CD-only release, Patience prefigure the future isssue of outtakes' self-considered masterworks as central to the LP production, beforehand outakes was as well working on songs that has become elegantly "brume statique" and ere before "une vallée dans le brouillars" all coming with full orchestral arrangement + a drum set in the location of the sweet sweet abstract soundscapes studios were all the results were recorded, this album -specifically- assembles parts of 'nice' takes taken overall by the band as successful one (this project was virtualmly worked at the same studio along with Mat s immersive solo album UNM unlra noisy mixdown (who gave birth to U-VOCS uncompromised....) )
Theb again this outtakes at its most expansive members carriers than substracted and contracted to a core of 3 players - at the time outtakes has a full time drumlmer + other instruments that made the core also on the beguining but not bizarely with the same players -it interest some, othgers looses interest at the band opening for a short one-night concerts in rural place and the fact to be amongs them for a whiole create an ambience were outtakes was this super-band with two or eight players onstge , which gives performances of strange degree and unexpected from the 'ever overstimulated' audience & ever surprised (they expect HC at first !)
this Cd was carefully mastered mixed and assembled by mat at abstract (in the middle of a kind o of disruption in both project UINM and this one - the fatigue and stress due to disruption (ivolving mat in a criminal case about drugs) gives a ultra low tension mix of outtakes songs - the masters were about to be ceased as well & then i was working both since many nights & days & nights before everything was about to colapse - as a rock star not many articles were praising my rock n roll way of life (i think at this time i do the costes thing too)
well with little care and attnetion to the mastering makes the album looking kinde of something
it takes time and cares, also as 90's CD listenners the hidden track is ful of surprises


released May 13, 2005

Outtakes (at this time 2005)
David : drums
Vinz : electric guitar + f.x.
Mat electric guitar +f.x.
Igor : keyboard + f.x.
Clem : electric bass
Anais : Clarinet + fx
all music recorded at abstract soundscapes on 8-tracks to digital by mat
mixed by mat w/ outtakes
each tracks are composed of different sections and takes
issued on CD in 2005 - Digital in 2013 (Flac & MP3)
All songs written by outtakes, published by abstract soundscapes music publishing (bmi)
no overdubs had been done, only differents takes had been sequenced and EQ w/ cool edit pro to made a better sounding of differents takes of the same tracks with few intervention in the direction of music.
The last track includes as hiden tracks many build in improvisational outtakes songs.
Discution and microphones captured to tapes includes.
This was the CD released before the LP released w/ at the core Igor/Vinz/Mat