Alternates Takes (2007​-​2008) (abstractCD013)

by Outtakes

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    this CD-R has been officilally released by abstract/concrete as CD catalog nbr abstractCD13 throught year 2013 (and is available in digital only for instance a version B exist & is part of abtrcatLP01-C & doesn t include the same tracklisting)
    note : this CD has been assembled by outtakes & mat at abstract sound (2007-2008) and was supposed to be abstract LP02 2x10" next (and last) outtakes album)
    note #2 : this album is abstractCD13 & has never been rellased until March,2015 into digital/CD or LP




►♪recorded & mixed at Abstract Sounscapes by Mat on 16-tracks
▲to be mastered by Rick Fisher At RFI/CD Mastering or by
Bob Weston at Chicago or Harris Newman@ Grey Market, Jace Laceyk @ Breakglass &/or @DNA somewhere sometimes (when the money'll fall from the sky or subvention, busines is bussiness)mostly @ Grey Market Mastering, Canada, Montreal, Quebec
►music written and performed by outtakes, published by Sacem/Sdrm/Sacd for EU european union & by abstract soundscapes music publishing for North America administred by Bug Music
pubishing (BMI)


released March 29, 2015

igor : keyboards, synthethisers, nodular moog plays on this recording
Vinz : electric guitar and F.X. plays on this recording
Mat : electric guitar & f.X. plays on this recording



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Track Name: Mexico City Blues (for Jack Kerouac)
inspired by the book of Kerouac's : Mexico City Blues
Words in form of poem based on regular size of a notebook, "like jazz coming out an improvisation"
soon the whole 3 sided LP to come assisted by Harris in long distance colaboration, (who perfectly mastered the whole stuff giving us excellent sound) so much thanks due to him & other nice guys which makes us want to continue this costless adventure in hi-fi stereo 3d, but in physical LP format D MM 140g you gotta pay around 7 euros plus the shiping(in stock less than 25) the rest dispersed in Europe, US, Canda...thyat s so cool !! thanks to you, JS Truchy, Sandro Perri, CST Tribe, Nonesuch (Warner) Music, Pias (mike & ju) & bug music (bmi) & music first coalition & french small station radio waves
Track Name: Impro / Footnotes to Howl (alt version)
♪►♫♪all lyrics reproduced with the kind permission of publisher City Lights Book and Publisher Group West
▲All text written by Allen Ginsberg (who passed away in 1997, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres)
►From the poetry book HOWL first publication : United States of America in City Lights Pocket Series
Many publications follows as well as Christian Bourgeois bilinguyal edition
▲♪Artwork for text reproduction colorized, textured and typed by mat
Track Name: G Sunset In The Interzone (for William S Burroughs)
Lyrics are from William Burroughs's book Junky are reprinted with permission, but the segment used in this 20min+ piece it s hard to rxactly write it down (but we will) publisher (Publisher Group West, Penguin, James G.) (c) 1953 by Wiliam Seward Burroughs ISBN0-14-028269-6
somepages are scanned at - used under permission of Publisher Group West / Island Record (administred by bug music)
First publication in the United States of America by Ace Book Inc. , 1953
Copyright renewed to William S Burroughs forthe paperback Penguin Edition
Track Name: Mexico City Blues (early version)
note : we just find out that it's not thhe right tracking for this 6th track, this is not the good tape and rote recorded the good day on scheduule, and the timing differs from original early takes of 14 minutes and a half, so this is a kind of bonus, probably mixed up at abstract sound from MD to digital processing or something. - we will right awayfind this relal good noisy 6th original track